#482 Style like (Red Alyce Prom 6564 Alyce Paris Prom)


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Si usted quiere cambiar el color de la correa, correas y flor tridimensional del vestido, por favor déjenos un masaje cuando usted pone la orden.

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Strapless ball gown with beaded lace bustline, fully ruched chiffon midriff and full net skirt with scattered beading throughout both midriff and skirt.


Alyce Prom
Lipstick,Red,White,Yellow,Turquoise,L Blue


Red Alyce Prom 6564 Alyce Paris Prom

Red Alyce Prom 6564 Alyce Paris Prom

Red Alyce Prom 6564 Alyce Paris Prom




Hot dress!!


Five Stars



Fun Fun fun

LadiesWhy do people write reviews about sexy lingerie and tell us that their boyfriends/partners/spouses really like the product? DUH! ANY heterosexual man is going to enjoy finding his woman half clothed in a piece of lacy black lingerie! They are not fussy - it's lingerie for goodness sake!So the real point of a review should be to determine whether this is going to look good on your figure and whether it will make you feel sexy about yourself. It is a one size - I am a size 8. There is nothing on me particularly large and nothing particularly skinny. I am 5'6". This fits really well - it does not fit like a glove, there is room. I imagine someone with more pounds in the middle would find it a snug fit but still entirely comfortable - it is stretchy lace after all. Length on me was just barely covering my rear end. If you have large boobs, it might make it shorter - more revealing - but maybe that;'s fine too? If you are thinner/smaller than a size 8 - it might still work but it will be more loose fitting around the middle.As far as whether its well made - it's certainly not going to fall apart after one wash - I would obvioulsy wash by hand - but it is no thicker than a pair of nylons so I imagine its likely to rip/ladder at some point. It wasn't expensive and it seems overall a good buy.


Five Stars

Fit perfect and gave it that right amount of volume.

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